About Bassets

The History of the Basset Hound

Country of Origin is France and earliest recorded writings date back to 1573 although it is widely accepted that the Abbott of St Hubert bred a hunting dog closely resembling today’s Basset hound, back in the sixth century. The dogs were purpose breed to be a scent hound with a very distinct type. All early accounts describe the Basset Hound as being black and tan with heavy heads, long ears, long bodies and comparatively short legs. They had a keen sense of smell and were used in hunting. The long ears of the dog assisted as it does now to fan the under growth and had considerable stamina. It was discovered that the gentle nature of the Basset was not conducive to the kill and was therefore used as a trail dog alerting the hunters with their deep melodious bark of the location of smaller game. The word Basset is derived from the French meaning “Lowset”.

General Characteristics

Height – 30 -36 cms (12-14 inches)

Energy Levels – Able to move from a couch to the bed easily. They have endless stamina and at our home can be seen, having what I call Basset play time. Usually in the morning and in the cool of the afternoon –

Trainability– selectively stubborn, they need a firm hand to remind them who’s Boss.

Lifespan – 12 -14 years

Coat Colours – vary; tri-colour, lemon and red and white.

Coat Type– Short with certain coarseness

Maintenance – Low; Requires grooming using a good shedding brush weekly and ear cleaning on a weekly basis. Nail clipping fortnightly, Teeth cleaning weekly, bathing when required

Exercise- Mostly self-exercising providing there is a size able fenced yard.

Social – very sociable with other breeds of dog, cats and especially people of all ages and sizes. Our Granddaughter is smitten with each of our dogs but especially Molly Polly.

A basset Hound is a calm dog that enjoys human companionship.  Relative to its size it is the heaviest boned dog of its breed. It has a deep, rolling bark and can be very comical, ours are a great source of entertainment. It is a serene and well behaved dog but if spoilt can become stubborn.  It is very gentle breed and makes for a great children’s friend.